SDK Black Kit with Pepper Spray, Personal Safety Alarm, Key Knife & Escape Tool
SDK Black Kit campaign photo
SDK Kit Black Pepper Spray (20ml compact Pepper Spray with keychain attachment)
SDK Kit Black Personal Safety Alarm (120db loud sound personal alarm which activates with pin removal)
SDK Kit Black Key Knife (closed position) (stainless steel key-shaped flip knife)
SDK Kit Black Key Knife (open position) (stainless steel key-shaped flip knife)
SDK Kit Black Escape Tool (all-in-one seat belt cutter, window breaker and whistle)


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This kit was designed with your safety in mind. Each one of these products is compact, easy to use, and convenient! We want you to have peace of mind knowing that you could protect yourself in case of an emergency.

This kit includes the following:

Pepper Spray, Escape Tool, Emergency Alarm, and Key Knife.

  • 20 ml
  • Ideal for key chains, bags/purses.
  • Compact enough to always have on you.
  • A reinforced trigger, self-locked safety cover to reduce accidental discharge.
  • 10-12 feet blast ensures that you keep a safe distance from the target.
  • Key chain compatibility.

  • Seat belt cutter + Car window breaker
  • Compact, lightweight & powerful
  • Easily accessible. 
  • Key chain compatibility

  • 120 dB sound.
  • Activates by pulling the pin located on the top, deactivates by inserting the pin back in.
  • Easily accessible, perfect for key chains, wallets, bags/purses etc. 
  • The sound lasts up to 60 minutes.
  • Key-ring compatibility

  •  Key length when closed: 2.8" Blade length: 2".
  •  A durable strength stainless steel sharp blade.
  • A multipurpose knife perfect for daily use: box cutting, letter opening, camping, etc. 
  • Inconspicuous, discreet design. Looks like an ordinary key with little weight. 
  • Key-ring compatibility

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